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  • Posting jobs to third-party boards

    CATS gives you the ability to post to a number of different job boards. These services specialize in publicizing your job orders on the web and in other mediums. CATS is not an official

  • How does publishing to job boards from CATS work?

    When publishing a job to a free job board from CATS, the job is included in a master "jobs feed" that is sent out to each board that was selected. These job feeds include data regarding the job, such

  • Why can't I find my jobs on Indeed or other job boards?

    One of the standard features in CATS is the ability to automatically post your jobs to external job boards, both free and paid. If you have posted to free job boards, please allow up to 24 hours for

  • Indeed Interview

    CATS integrates with Indeed Interview, which can be enabled via the Integrations page by anyone with an Indeed account. For the easiest setup, make sure you're logged in to your Indeed account in

  • Job posting guidelines

    CATS allows you to advertise your jobs on a variety of third-party job boards, all with just a single click. However, before a job post can be accepted, we must first verify your CATS account and the

  • Portal analytics and tracking

    Access Level: Site Administrator Some third-party job posting destinations will provide a custom code to help you track the conversion of applicants after they leave their website and apply on your

  • Browser extension set-up

    CATS has now released its new and improved CATS Extension 3.0. The new extension is faster, more intuitive and quicker to set up than ever before. It works with sites like LinkedIn, Monster,

  • Remote Jobs

    At the request of Indeed, we've implemented an option to better classify remote positions in CATS. To aid in matching candidates to the correct type of remote position, the "Remote Type" field on a

  • Using the Utility Panel

    The Utility Panel is where the majority of interaction with records across CATS is done. There are two places you can access the Utility Panel - from a grid while previewing a record, or from within