Browser extension set-up

CATS has now released its new and improved CATS Extension 3.0. The new extension is faster, more intuitive and quicker to set up than ever before. It works with sites like LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder and GitHub to speed up the sourcing process by allowing you to source candidate or contact info and create new records in your CATS system.

Installation Using the Chrome or Firefox browsers, head over to our downloads page and click the Download button next to the browser you're currently using.

If using Chrome, you'll be brought to their extension web store. From here click the Add to Chrome button.

You'll then be prompted to grant permission so the extension can read the page you're on and send the information to CATS. To do this, click Add Extension.

If using Firefox, you may first see a pop up preventing the add-on from being installed. Click Allow to continue to the next step.

You'll then be prompted confirm you want to add the add-on. Click Install to complete the process.

Once installed, the CATS extension icon will be by other browser extensions to the right of the URL bar.

To authorize the extension, just click on the CATS icon in your toolbar and then on "sign in" in the window that appears.

If you're already logged into your CATS account within the same browser, the extension will recognize your account and just ask you to authorize it for access. If you aren't logged in on the same browser, the extension will prompt your for your credentials, and then proceed with authorization.

Supported Sites

  • LinkedIn
  • Monster
  • CareerBuilder
  • Dice
  • Indeed
  • GitHub
  • Twitter
  • Xing

From time to time, supported sites will make changes that may break our browser extensions. If you see this happen, please contact our support team and we'll do our best to correct it for you.

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