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Some third-party job posting destinations will provide a custom code to help you track the conversion of applicants after they leave their website and apply on your CATS portal. You may also be using a service like Google Analytics or Clicky to track the number of visitors to your portal. In either of these cases, the CATS career portal allows you to add these specific IDs to your portal so you can learn more about the behavior of your candidates. Currently, tracking IDs from the following services can be added: Google Analytics, Google Analytics 4, Clicky, Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn.

Should you need to add a tracking ID given to you by any of those services, that can be done from the portal's settings page. To access your portal's settings click Portals from the three-dot More (...) icon in the left-hand navigation of CATS.

From the Portals screen, click on the title of the Portal that you want to customize or add a tracking ID to. If you have more than one portal, you will see multiple portals listed here.

From the portal's settings, simply click the gray pencil icon next to Analytics in the Integrations card near the bottom left to edit and enter the tracking ID.

Once you've entered the ID, make sure you click the green checkmark to save your changes.

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