Job posting guidelines

CATS allows you to advertise your jobs on a variety of third-party job boards, all with just a single click. However, before a job post can be accepted, we must first verify your CATS account and the job details. In addition to our review, job boards also look for job posts and recruiting practices that are consistent with their standards.

Use the following guidelines and tips to help get your jobs approved quicker, and gain maximum visibility with our job board partners.

Job titles

  • Job titles should be exactly as they would appear on a resume. Avoid clickbait terms like “hiring now!” or “great opportunity”. Refrain from using punctuation!!, ALL CAPS, or extremely long titles.
  • You’ll get the best results by using standard job titles as they would appear on a business card or resume. For example “Customer Support Representative” instead of “Support Guru”.

General Guidelines

  • Jobs may not be accepted by all job boards if you’re already posting there directly, or from another applicant tracking system.
  • Don’t plagiarize job descriptions. This is an easy way to get your job posting disabled by job boards, as it is common practice among spammers.
  • Don’t try to game the system. Job boards are like search engines, and use algorithms to provide the most recent and relevant content. Customers often attempt to circumvent or exploit these systems by posting multiple jobs in surrounding cities, or copying and reposting a new job daily. Doing this will often result in your postings being disabled.

Types of posts that typically aren’t allowed:

  • Career Fairs
  • Franchise or training opportunities
  • Multi-level marketing positions

How does the CATS job review process work?

First, we will attempt to verify your company information, using the following criteria:

  • You should have an established and working company website that matches the company name on your CATS account.
  • Your email address should match the company website domain.
  • You should be an identifiable employer with public contact details or other verifiable information. CATS may request additional documentation if we cannot verify your company with the details provided.

All new CATS customers go through a review process. During this time we review the content of your jobs, as well as your company information to determine if the job is suitable for posting. Once we have approved you for posting, you should see your jobs appear on outside job boards within 24 hours.

My job meets these requirements, so why did I receive an email that it could not be published?

While we’ve covered the most common issues here, it’s not an exhaustive list. Our job review team has experience reviewing tens of thousands of jobs and knows what to look out for to help you get the best results. We will always include additional information in the email to let you know about any specific issues.

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