Posting jobs to Monster or CareerBuilder

Access level required: Site Administrator, Site Administrator (No Billing Access)

CATS allows you to use your existing Monster or CareerBuilder account to post jobs from CATS to either job board.

To start, you must first enable posting to the job board by navigating to the Settings > Administration > Job Posting Services location (Administrators only). Click the check box to enable the job posting service, and then Configure... to enter your account details.

Before you are able to post, you must contact Monster or CareerBuilder to enable third-party posting through your account.

For Monster:

To use your existing Monster account and active inventory through CATS, please contact your Monster account manager, or 1-800-MONSTER option #1 and request that your account be updated to enable both RTP Credentials and Custom Apply.

For CareerBuilder:

To use your existing CareerBuilder account and active inventory through CATS, please contact your CareerBuilder account manager, or 1-800-891-8880 and request that bulk posting be enabled on your account.

Once your accounts are setup properly, you can publish any one of your jobs to these sites by going to the job in CATS, clicking the Publish button and selecting the Monster/CareerBuilder options.

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