Exporting data

Exporting your data can be useful for a number of reasons, from saving it locally for backup purposes, to uploading the data into a partner service for an email campaign.

Exporting data from CATS can be done in one of two ways:

1. Resume Attachments

On Candidate records, you can download the resume attachment by clicking on the preview icon in the Attachments card for the resume that you wish to download. Once the Utility Panel opens the attachment, you can then click on the download icon in the upper right hand corner of the preview tab within the Utility Panel.

You can download resumes for multiple candidates from any of the candidate grids by selecting records and using the Actions bar to select Download > Download Resume Attachments. Keep in mind that this will only download attachments that are marked as "is resume" in that candidate's record.

Due to the potential file size of the download, we limit this export to 500 candidates.

2. Spreadsheet files

You also have the ability to export specific fields from CATS records into either an Excel (.xls) file or a CSV file. You'll find these options from the Actions menu under Download for most grids (Candidate, Contact, Company, Job Order and Activity) in CATS. After selecting the file type, you'll be asked to select which columns you'd like to have included in the export. CATS will default to selecting whatever active columns are on the grid that the action was selected from, but you can also use the Layouts function to select a previously saved column layout, or manually select other columns.

Spreadsheet exports are limited to 10,000 records, and we typically recommend limiting the columns to around 20 or so.

There is also an Account Backup feature available for those who wish to download an entire backup of all of their data. For more information, see our article on backing up your account.

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