Creating a list

Record lists are some of the best ways to organize your candidates, contacts, companies and jobs in CATS. Creating a list allows you to manage multiple records from one location, without having to do various filtered searches and apply your actions separately.

Create a List

In order to create a list in CATS, you will need to have an initial set of records that you would like to add to that list. After using filters or boolean terms to narrow down your list, you can select the records you'd like to manage, and then use the Add to List action:

From here, you can select a current list, or click on the Add List link to create a new list to add your records to. Click green "+" icon to then add those records to your list.

List Actions

Once you have a list created with the desired records, you're ready to start performing actions using those records in the list. From any record tab (Jobs, Candidates, Contacts or Companies) you will have the ability to access your lists by click on the Lists link in the More (...) menu from navigation on the left side of the screen. This will bring you to your lists grid, where you can open a specific list to perform an action on by clicking on its name.

Once inside your specified list, you will be able to perform most actions on these records that you would inside of any other grid. Just click on the record you'd like to perform and Action on and use the Actions Bar to perform that action.

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