Using data grids

Throughout CATS you will find data grids that show you lists of your data, such as jobs or candidates. This guide is to show you the different parts of the data grid and how to customize and use them.


To run a general search across the data you're looking at, type your search terms in the Search this grid box.


To filter on a specific field you'll want to add filters to your grid. This is done by clicking the green + icon next to the Search button.

Once a filter is added, select the field you want to filter on, enter your criteria, and then click the Apply Filters button.

As a shortcut for adding a filter for any of the displayed columns, you can hover the column and click the green + icon.

To clear any applied searches or filters, click the Clear button.


The total number of records being displayed in your grid, both prior and after a search, are found near the bottom right in the pagination section.


By default, results are sorted by relevancy. To sort the grid by any of the displayed columns, highlight your mouse over the column and click the ▲ or ▼ arrow to sort in ascending/descending order.


If your data grid or search result contains more rows than displayed on one page, we will paginate the results for you. To go from page to page, click the ←, → or pagination drop-down near the result count area of the grid to jump to the page you'd like.


To preview a record from the grid, click the magnifying glass icon next to the record name.

Selecting records

Each record in the grid will have a check box next to it:

Tip: Use Shift + Click to select multiple records at once.

Mass Actions

Actions appear above the grid when you check one or more records.

Each grid will have different options as far as mass actions go, so be sure to check to see what is available.

When performing a mass action, the number of affected records will always be displayed in the upper-right. To select all records, just click on the "Select all (number and record types)" option after making your first selection.

Columns and Rows

To change the columns and column order displayed on the grid, click the Slider icon menu near the bottom right corner of the grid. Select Columns to adjust the visible rows on your grid. Select the check boxes next to each column you want visible. Drag/drop the checked columns to change the display order.

To set the number of rows, click the click the  Slider icon menu near the bottom right corner of the grid and select the number of rows you want visible at a time. Note that grid customizations such as columns and rows are specific per user.

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