Adding candidates

There are times when you want to add candidates to your CATS account manually. You'll find the different ways to do this detailed below.

Manual Upload

Just like many other records in CATS, candidates can be created from any screen using the green  Quick Create near the top right corner of the page.

When you're on a candidate profile or the candidate grid creating a candidate will be the default, but from other screens you can always use the dropdown to select Candidate.

Once you click  + Candidate, the Utility Panel will open, at which point you can either use our data enrichment feature to lookup candidate details by entering their email, Twitter handle, or phone number and clicking Auto-fill. Alternatively, you can also click into the fields below the auto-fill input to add those details manually. You can also upload a resume by clicking "Import Resume" near the bottom of the Utility Panel and have CATS parse it for you, automatically filling the form fields from the resume.

Click the green checkmark button to create the new candidate record.

Mass Import

If you're just getting started or have many candidates to add, our mass import option may be the best choice for you. It supports creating candidates from a spreadsheet or batch of resumes.

To access the mass importer, navigate to  Mass Import in the More (...) menu from the left hand navigation within CATS.

From here, choose either the Spreadsheet or Resumes option, depending on the type of import you want to do.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete each respective import.

Resume imports are limited to 500 files of 50MB or less per file. You may need to import in batches if you have more than 500 resumes. CATS supports doc, docx, pdf, rtf, html, text and zip file types.
Spreadsheet imports are limited to 10,000 rows per file.

For tips on how to format your spreadsheet for import, see our Formatting a spreadsheet for mass import article.

Resume Inbox

Each CATS account has a unique resume inbox email address. When emailing a resume to this address, CATS will receive, parse, and add the candidate to CATS.

To view candidates sent to the Resume Inbox in the last three days, navigate to the Candidates grid by clicking  Candidates from the left-hand navigation and then clicking on the dropdown near the top of the grid to change the view to Resume Inbox. You can view your unique Resume Inbox from that screen by clicking Read more about how it works near the bottom of the grid.

For more information on how to use resume inbox, please see our Using resume inbox article.

Browser Extension

One of the more popular options to source candidates are our browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. They work with popular site like LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder and GitHub to speed up the sourcing process.

The browser extensions are available from our downloads page.

For more information on supported sites and how to setup the extension, see our Browser extension setup article.

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