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Access level required:  Site Administrator, Site Administrator (No Billing Access)

Although CATS comes with a large amount of standard fields, custom fields allow you to change how you manage the various record types within CATS. They can take the place of many types of data (dates, salaries, yes or no requirements, CATS Users, etc) and can be created for many different record types (candidates, job orders, contacts, etc).

Custom fields can be created from two locations in CATS. One location to create and manage custom fields is the  Administration > Custom Fields section in CATS. This section allows you full access to all custom fields created for all record types in CATS. To create a new field, just click on the Add Custom Field button near the top right corner of the grid.

From here, you have the ability to create a Name for the field, add a Comment (internal use only, used to describe what is entered in the field), select which Data Type that field is for (what record profile it would be shown in) and what Field Type you want your field to be. Multiple Choice, Dropdown and Radios will require you to enter selections before saving your field. To save your field, click on Add Custom Field.

You can also add a custom field from inside of any record. Any custom field created from within a record is available on all records of that type.

Clicking on the  Tool icon (a screwdriver and wrench) directly below the Utility Panel will open up the field layout and card customization for that record type. Within cards that contain fields, click the Add Custom Field button to add new field to that card. Be sure to click the green checkmark when finished to close the customizing the layout view.

After creating custom fields be sure to see our article on Customizing profile field layouts and groupings for information on how to organize them within a record's profile.

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