Customize profile field layout and grouping

Access level required: Site Administrator, Site Administrator (No Billing Access)

CATS includes many standard fields in profiles and allows you to add custom ones as well. After doing this you may find that you want to reorganize the field layout, make new fields required or even hide certain fields in a profile.

Rearrange fields

To rearrange fields, navigate to any profile in CATS. For example, a candiate record. Click the Padlock icon towards the right side of the screen.

Once the field layout is unlocked, drag/drop the field title to move where the field is displayed.


To hide a field from display, click the Eye icon when hovering over any of the field names.

Require fields

If you prefer to make a field required in order to create or save a profile, click the * icon when hovering over any of the field names.


If you prefer to organize your fields in groups (for example, grouping similar fields such as previous, current and desired salary), click the Add Group icon underneath the padlock icon you had clicked earlier. This will allow you to name a new group and drag fields into it for even more organization. You'll find the new group beneath the primary group of profile fields.

To finish customizing the field layouts, click the padlock icon again to return it to a "locked" state and continue working as normal.

Note that changes to profiles layouts are per site, so all of your users will see the changes you make.