Sending emails

Sending emails through CATS is a quick and effective way to reach out to candidates and contacts regarding the many facets of your hiring process. They can include attachments, tags, custom images, source code, status changes and scheduled times.

Just like many other records in CATS, a new email can be created from any screen using the green Quick Create button near the top right corner of the page. When you are at the Emails page, which can be accessed from the More (...) menu in the left-hand navigation, creating an email will be the default option at the Quick Create, but from other pages you can use the dropdown to select Email.

Emails will always be sent under the address name on file for the user who is initiating the action.

It's important to note that CATS has a limit to how many emails can be sent per month, as noted by the total in the upper right hand corner of the Send Email page.

You are allotted 2,500 emails per active user on your account. This total does not factor in Hiring Manager accounts. All available emails are added to a pool for all users to share. If you reach your limit, or wish to add more emails to your account, you can use the Buy More button to purchase more available usage for the current month.


The Regarding field has several different internal functions related to activity and status mappings. You can use it to identify a specific job order that the email is on correspondence for, or set to General for an activity to be logged that doesn't coincide with a job. If a job order is selected in the drop down, any candidates added as recipients to the email will be added to that job pipline and be placed in whatever status is mapped to Contacted for that job order's pipeline. Changing the Regarding field will also automatically add that field title to the Subject line of your email.

To (BCC)

You can add recipients to your email by clicking on the Add Recipients button in your To (BCC) field.

This window allows you to select recipients for your email based on a number of factors. You can select them individually by candidate/contact/user, as a group by selecting a candidate/contact list or user group, or add a recipient that is not in the system by clicking Enter Details. All recipients are added with BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) protection to prevent them from viewing the emails of other recipients.


The body of your email is where the bulk of your information goes. You can use the editor toolbar to change fonts, font sizes, formatting, add links/images and even edit the source code for the email. You also have the option to Add Attachments, add autofill tags or insert elements such as job order descriptions or candidate application information. You also have the option to allow recipients to opt-out of receiving future emails from CATS.

If you have an email signature set up for your account, it will be automatically added to the bottom of your body, and does not need to be included when creating an email.

After you've structured your email, you will have a few options to go through before you send it.

The Schedule field allows you to send a scheduled email on a set delay. You can choose one of the standard send times, or specify your own.

You can also send a preview email to your account by clicking on the Send Preview button. This will allow you to see the formatting of the email as it is shown to your recipients.

Lastly, you can save any emails that you have created as a template. To learn more about email templates please see this article.

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