Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an email marketing platform that makes it easy to create customized templates and schedule email campaigns.

Easily export candidates and contacts from CATS directly into Constant Contact. Select the list or create a new one you want to add the candidates or contacts all within CATS.

Setup Guide

  1. Click the Settings icon in the top right corner of CATS > Administration.

  2. Click Integrations.
  3. Click the On/Off Switch for Constant Contact. Click Authenticate. Clicking Authenticate will bring you to the Constant Contact login page.
  4. Enter your Constant Contact Username and Password. Click Log In.
  5. Click Allow.
  6. Click Confirm.

Usage as a trigger

  1. To add a Constant Contact workflow trigger, click the green plus sign in the 'Triggers' column on the right side of the workflow page. At the top of the pop up window choose 'Constant Contact - Add to List' from the dropdown menu.

  2. Select the list from your account you wish to add the candidate or contact to.

  3. Now, when changing a contact or candidate's status, you'll see the option to add that candidate to your selected Constant Contact list.

Usage from a grid

  1. You can also add records to a Constant Contact list from a grid.
  2. Select the records you wish to add and use the Actions dropdown in the bottom left corner of the grid to select Add to Constant Contact.
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