Email and website signatures

Creating custom Email and Website signatures is a great way to add legitimacy to your job postings and correspondences with candidates or contacts. Both options can be accessed from your Settings > My Profile section of CATS.

Email signatures are included at the end of each individual user's email correspondences when enabled by either a trigger or via the Send Email action.

Website signatures are included at the end of each job posting on your portal, as well as in the "Thank you for applying" message that displays after a candidate has submitted an application.

Both of these are individual to each user. You can click the pencil icon next to either in the Signatures card to customize the text, images, links and source code for your signature. Keep in mind that, in order to include images in your signature, you will need to link to them from a dedicated host somewhere online. CATS does not host images for you. We recommend using your company website as the host.