Using tasks

Tasks can be created in CATS to help organize what needs to be done, by whom, and by when. They can be assigned to any user and can be regarding any candidate, contact, company, or job order record. Tasks can also be created to not be regarding a specific record at all.

Tasks can be added from the Utility Panel, both while previewing a record on a grid as well as while viewing a record's profile, or from the green quick create dropdown on any screen in CATS. When creating tasks with the quick create dropdown, tasks will not be regarding a specific record, but are instead a "General" todo.

A due date, an assignee, and a description are all required when creating a new task. The due date can be as soon as possible or can be a specific date and time. Tasks can also be given a priority rating so the assignee can be aware of the task's importance:

  • 0 - None
  • 1 - Low
  • 2 - Average
  • 3 - High
  • 4 - Very High
  • 5 - Extremely Urgent

All tasks can be viewed from the Tasks grid found at the left-hand navigation in the More (...) menu.This grid has quick filters available to hide completed tasks and to filter by due date, who assigned the task, and to whom the task was assigned. As is possible on other grids, you can also filter by the different columns available on a grid by clicking the green plus (+) icon. From this grid, tasks can also be edited, marked as completed, or pushed out by one week.

By default, notifications are enabled for an email to be sent when a new task is assigned to you as well as a task summary sent daily. You can choose to disable either or both of these notifications from your user avatar icon in the top right corner of CATS > My Profile.

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