How do I submit a candidate to a client or hiring manager?

Candidate submissions to clients and hiring managers are an incredibly important part of the review process for many companies. CATS has added functionality for this directly into your workflow, in order to automate this procedure.

Setting up your submissions process

The setup process can only be done by a user with Site Administrator or Site Administrator (No Billing) access to the system.

From your Administration > Workflow > (Select a workflow) section, you'll have the option to add a trigger with the green "+" icon in the same line as the status you'd like to use for your submission:

By default, the new added trigger will be an "Email" trigger, so you'll need to update the Action field to "Submit to client" or "Submit to Hiring Manager" (depending on what version of CATS you are using). You'll also want to make sure to set the Required field to "Optional, on by default" or "Required", so that the trigger will always be on when a user changes a candidate to the status the trigger is tied to:

By default, the email that is generated with this review will be sent from the user that is changing the candidate's status, but you can set a specific email address as well in the From field. If the user is the one designated, you can also choose whether or not to include their signature in the email.

CATS will allow you to manage who the review is sent to Under the "To" or "Reviewer(s)" section depending on what version of CATS you are using.

  • CATS Pro (Send to Client): You will need to specify a recipient at the time of changing the candidate's status, so you won't be able to designate a specific recipient here.
  • CATS Pro HR (Send to Hiring Manager): You have the option to designate a specific user in the "Reviewer(s)" box. However, you can also designate the email to be sent to the user that is listed in any User Custom Field on the Job Order record. For example, we've added a "CATS Hiring Manager" custom user field to our job orders:

Which you can then select in the "Submit to Hiring Manager" trigger as an option for the candidate to be automatically sent to:

The Subject and Body fields are what will be included in the email that is sent to the Client or Hiring Manager when the review is created. You can use the tags list on the right to autofill information as well. For a full breakdown on this, please see our Sending emails help article. Note that a review link is automatically included at the bottom of the body for all emails sent using this trigger.

Lastly, the Approved Status and Declined Status options allow you to designate a status for the candidate to be set to when the client or hiring manager approves or declines a candidate. You can also set either of these to "None" if you'd prefer the candidate to not be automatically changed to a new status when the review is completed.

Using the trigger

Once the trigger has been set up on a specific status, it is ready to be used! Just click on a candidate's current status, and select the status with the Submit to Client/Submit to Hiring Manager trigger. You'll see that the trigger appears below the status for you to review:

You can then designate the user (CATS Team) or client (CATS Pro) that you would like to send the candidate to for the review. You can also make edits to the email they would receive, and select which resume would be included, or add additional attachments on the candidate record with the "More" option.

Once you've reviewed the data in the trigger, click the green checkbox at the top to save. And that's it! You should see the review show up in the Candidate's feed and the reviewer will receive an email with information on how to review the candidate.

If you have any questions about how this process works that aren't answered here, please contact our support team via

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