Registration applications

Along with the ability to apply for a job directly, CATS also gives candidates the ability to submit a General Application (Registration) that uploads their information into the system without having to apply for a specific job. This allows the candidates to remain in consideration for other positions, if one they are interested in isn't currently available. To enable registration, go to your Portal page via the purple navigation bar on the left side of the page. Edit the Registration field and check the box to enable registration on your portal.

Setting up your application

By default, your General application will also be set to your Registration application. You can change which application is set to the Registration application by checking the "Registration" box within an application.

Any application in your system can be designated as the Registration application. Like other applications, we recommend making sure that you have some of the CATS duplicate detection criteria in place in order to check for duplicates once the candidate has submitted their application.

Identifying in CATS

Once a candidate has submitted a Registration application, you will see them come into the system much like other applicants, but without a specific job order that they are tied to. Instead, they will show up as "General Registration" in any website applicants section.

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