Building job applications

Access level required: Site Administrator, Site Administrator (No Billing Access)

Applications can be built, customized, and attributed to specific job orders.

You can view, edit, and create new applications by clicking the More (...) menu in the navigation bar on the left, and choosing Applications.

Creating a new application

To create a new application, click  Add Application. You'll need to give the application a name (Description). The name of the application will not be visible to applicants. You also have the option to add a header, which will be visible to applicants, and designate whether the application will be the default application for all of your jobs, or be used when candidates register on your career portal. Clicking Add Application once more will save your new application, and give you the ability to add or edit questions.

Adding questions

From More (...) > Applications in the left navigation bar, click the name of the application you wish to add questions to. With the application opened, select Add Question. Questions can be added 3 ways:

Custom Question

Field Title

This is the question that the applicant sees.


This appears as smaller text below the question and is meant to be an addition or clarification to the initial question. The text most often entered here is instructions on formatting.

Save To

By default, answers to custom questions will be saved to the application only, and can only be viewed by viewing the application.

You also have the ability to save the answer to a field, either default or custom. This will enable you to search and sort your candidates based on how they answered your question(s).

*Note: If a candidate answers a question multiple times, the field will be overwritten with the most recent answer.

Field Type

Different field types can be used for specific questions. For example, if you want consistent formatting for application answers, you can have the applicant choose an option from a dropdown in lieu of typing in a text box.

  • Text - A simple, one line text box
  • Multi-line Text - A larger text box, better for longer text answers
  • Date - Applicant chooses a date from a calendar popup
  • Number - Similar to a text box, but only numbers will be accepted
  • File - Gives the applicant the ability to upload a file. Great for cover letters, examples of work, etc.
  • Checkbox - A checkbox appears after the question, saved as a 'yes' or 'no'
  • Multiple Choice - Gives the applicant the ability to choose multiple options for one question
  • Dropdown - Gives the applicant the ability to choose one option from a dropdown list
  • Radios - Similar to in format to multiple choice, but the applicant can only select one option

Options can be added/edited by typing in the Options field when selecting the Multiple Choice, Dropdown, or Radios field type.

*Note: Once a field type has been chosen, it cannot be changed.

Standard Questions

Check the box next to the pre-built question(s) you wish to add to the application and click Add.

Questions from Another Application

Select the application from the dropdown and click Import. This will add all questions from the selected application to the application you're editing. This is a great way to make a "copy" of an existing application.

Application Triggers

Much like how your workflow statuses have triggers, application questions can also have triggers added to them that respond to specific answers, and have the ability to disposition candidates in a variety of ways. In order for the trigger to fire, you'll need to give it an exact phrase to look for in the candidate's answer. So, for example, if your question is "Are you able to work in the US?" a good trigger to add in might be a "Do not add to pipeline" or "silently reject" if the answer is "no". 

The following is a list of available triggers:

  • Add Stars to Rating - Allows you to add the designated number of stars to a candidate's "rating" of the job order. You can use this multiple times with different ratings to stack a rating on a candidate
  • Mark Candidates as "Hot" - This will set your candidate to show up as orange in the system, rather than the standard blue.
  • Silently Reject Candidate - Keeps the candidate's application from entering the system entirely. The candidate does not receive email confirmation of submitting an application either.
  • Add Text to Notes - Adds whatever designated text to the "Notes" field of CATS. Multiple uses of this trigger in and application will stack the notes.
  • Do Not Add to Pipeline - The candidate is added to your general CATS database but is not attached to the job order that they applied for.
  • Add Text to Skills - Has the same effect as Add Text to Notes, but text is added to the Skills field instead.
  • Set Candidate Source - Allows you to set a specific candidate source instead of using the default "Careers Website", or wherever the candidate would have initially applied.

Applying Applications to Job Orders

Within a job order, edit the Applications card to select one or more applications to attach to that job.

Adding more than one application to a job will still appear as a single application to the candidate.

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