Schedule meetings with CATS

Each user on your site can now individually schedule meetings that will integrate into their CATS calendar. To set up the Meeting Scheduler, you'll need to click on the toggle icon in the Meeting Scheduler card under My Profile in CATS.

Setting up your schedule

CATS gives you the ability to customize the Meeting Scheduler to fit your needs. You can create your own link, set your availability, and even specify your buffer and minimum notice times.

Clicking on "Add Calendar Link" will finish the set up, and generate a URL that you can send to Candidates or Contacts. (Note: This works particularly well then the link is included in an email trigger!) When someone opens the link, it will bring them to a page that allows them to select a date, time and length for the meeting. CATS pulls the profile picture from a Gravatar account associated with your email address.

The recipient will be prompted to enter their contact information (name, email address and phone number) in order to confirm the meeting. Once the meeting is confirmed, it will be added to your CATS calendar as a new calendar entry. This will also integrate with a 3rd party calendar if you have  Calendar Sync enabled!

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