Calendar sync

The calendar sync feature allows you to keep your CATS calendar and your external Google, Outlook or Exchange calendars in sync. So, no matter which application you’re in, you always have a complete view of your calendar. This will introduce a few changes to how you're used to your calendar behaving:

  • Events you add or edit in CATS will be copied to your primary external calendar and vice-versa.
  • You will see your “subcalendars” (shared calendars, holidays, sports schedules, etc.) in CATS as well.
  • Reminders and participant invitations will now be handled by your external calendar instead of CATS.
  • CATS allows you to choose which participants in an event should receive invitations; however, your external calendar can only notify all or none per event.
  • You will no longer need to use the one-way calendar feed to view your CATS events in your external calendar. If you've set this up previously, be sure to remove it prior to enabling the syncing features.


To setup calendar sync, head over to the Settings > My Profile area of CATS and find the Email & Calendar Integration card.

If you are not currently using Email Integration, click the toggle in the top right corner of the card to connect CATS to your email and calendar account.

If you already are using email integration or complete the above setup, click Enable next to the Calendar section.

You will be prompted to choose a primary calendar. The primary calendar is important because, while CATS will display all your calendars, it will only add events to your primary calendar. Take a moment to be sure you have chosen the right calendar, as this cannot be changed later. Once you've chosen the primary calendar, click Enable to start the calendar sync process.

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