Publishing a List

Publishing a List

Publishing a list is a great way to share information with individuals outside of CATS. Once your list is created (instructions here), click the Publish icon (a bullhorn) near the upper right corner. You'll be taken to a new page where you can select what information to include in the published list. Only candidate-type lists are able to be published.

The Public Title is a separate title that you can attribute to the list, independent of its title in CATS, that will be seen by anyone who views the list.

You can also set a Password for the list. This will require the recipient to enter a password before they can view the list.

A published list consists of two parts:

  • List - The initial page that lists all of the the included records and the columns of your choice.
  • Details - A page for a specific record, containing the fields of your choice.

On the publishing page, you'll see the names of the fields available for the corresponding record type along with a brief description. Checking the box for List will include a column for the field on the List page, while checking the box for Details will include the field on the Details page.

Once you have your fields set, click the Publish button. You'll be returned to your list, but with new information in the Published section. Clicking the Public Title allows you to edit the list. Clicking the address in the Link(URL) column allows you to view the published list.

You can share the address in the Link(URL) column with anyone that you'd like to view the list.

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