Can I change a candidate to a contact (or vice versa)?

While you can't directly change a candidate into a contact (or a contact into a candidate), you can create a linked record from a contact/candidate that contains the same information.

Enabling Linked Profiles

To use this feature, the Linked Profiles setting must first be enabled (this requires Administrator level access). To enable this setting, click your Settings menu in the upper right corner and select Administration.

Once on the Administration page, click General Configuration under the Site Management header. If this option is already enabled, you'll see a checkmark next to the Linked Profiles option. If not, just click the checkbox to select Yes.

Be sure to click the Save button to apply this setting.

Linking Candidate and Contact Records

Begin by opening the record that you would like to link. Within the record, click the three dots for more in the Utility Panel on the right and select Add Contact (you will see the inverse option here when viewing a contact record).

If no matching contact record exists in your database, a new one will be created and automatically linked to this candidate record. However, if an existing contact record does meet the criteria for duplicate detection, no new record would be created and this existing contact record would be linked to your candidate record.

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