Indeed Interview

CATS integrates with Indeed Interview, which can be enabled via the Integrations page by anyone with an Indeed account. For the easiest setup, make sure you're logged in to your Indeed account in another tab in your browser before turning on this integration,

To do this, go to Settings > Administration > Integrations, and flip the Indeed Interviews switch to On.

You will then be taken to to authenticate.

Indeed Interview will allow you to:

  • Conduct 1:1, panel, and multi-round virtual interviews with candidates from any source
  • Review resumes, take notes, and rate candidates
Once enabled, you can schedule a virtual interview with a candidate by scheduling an event and clicking the Indeed Interview button. 

Clicking this button will add interview information to the event after you hit Save. If the Bell icon is enabled under Participants, both participants will receive email notifications confirming the event.
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