Add and remove users

Access level required: Site Administrator

Adding and removing users are both done by going to the Settings > User Management area within CATS.

Adding Users

To add a user, click the Add User button below the user list.

Fill out the form on the next page. Name, Email and Access Level are required.

Choose to have an email sent to the new user to set their password or manually set the password for them by uncheckng Send welcome email with login instrutions.

When finished, click Add User towards the bottom of the page.

Removing Users

To remove a user, first click on the person's name from the user list.

Click the More drop-down near the top right of the user page followed by the Disable option.

It is highly recommended that you disable a user versus deleting them. Disabled users are free and will maintain historical reference to the activities they entered in the system when active.

If you choose to delete a user you will need to assign their existing activities to an active one.