How do candidates or contacts opt in after opting out to email communication?

Candidate or contacts who have previously opted out of receiving emails sent from your CATS account will need to manually opt back in. From Emails in the More (...) category of the lefthand navigation in CATS you are able to see who has opted out by clicking the dropdown near the top of the page and selecting Opt-Outs.

At the bottom of the Opt-Outs page, there is a link to the screen at which candidates or contacts can enter their email address that they wish to opt back in to receiving emails sent from your CATS account. You can right click the link to copy that address or follow the link and copy it from your browser's address bar. The link for that page will also follow the following pattern, where subdomain is your account's subdomain:

The email address entered will be sent an email to verify that they would like to opt back in. If the link contained in that email is not clicked, the address will not be removed from the opted out addresses.

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