How can I change the email sent to candidates when they apply?

When candidates apply to a job or register from your CATS career portal there are emails that you can set to automatically send both internally to your team as well as externally to the candidate themselves.

You can disable, enable, or configure these emails from the Email Templates card at your portal's settings page. You can access the portal settings from the three-dot More icon in your left navigation (...) > Portals > (select portal if you have multiple).

There are four email templates in total - two for when a candidate registers and two for when a candidate applies. For each case, there is an email that is sent to the candidate and an email that can be sent to a member of your team or a custom email address. You can edit each email template by clicking Configure. You can also choose to not send any one of the emails by clicking Disable next to it.

You can use email Tags to insert information that will be different in each instance of the email being sent. For example, the default email template included with CATS begins with the %FIRST_NAME% tag. When that email is sent, the applicant's first name will be populated there.

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