LinkMatch is a Google Chrome extension that automatically shows you which LinkedIn profiles are/are not in your CATS database and allows you to edit existing candidate profiles in CATS without leaving LinkedIn. This integration creates a more seamless connection between CATS and LinkedIn, making it easier for you to source candidates and grow your talent pipelines.

Setup Guide

  1. Follow this link to be taken to LinkMatch's page on the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Click Add To Chrome in the upper right of the pop-up.
  3. Click Add Extension.
  4. A notification will inform you that the LinkMark Browser Extension has been added. You should now see a green check mark icon in the browser menu bar. If the login page doesn't open automatically, click the icon.
  5. Enter your CATS, domain, subdomain and email address. And your CATS API Key which can be found within CATS at your avatar icon > Administration > API Keys. You can also click "Get API Key" from the LinkMatch login screen to be automatically taken to that page. You can generate a new key on that page in CATS by clicking Add API Key.
  6. Copy your API key, and paste the key into the field labeled "API Key". Click "Login". You can now choose to subscribe.

Usage Guide

  1. When running a search on LinkedIn, you will see either a red or green circle next to profiles. A green circle means that the candidate is already in your CATS database.
  2. Clicking on the green circle next to a profile will allow you to edit that candidate's information in the CATS database.
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