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Post your jobs from CATS directly to your EmployeeReferrals.com site. Select only the jobs you want posted.

Note: To integrate with CATS you will need to set up an account with EmployeeReferrals.com.

Setup Guide

Note: This integration requires setup within both your CATS and EmployeeReferrals.com accounts and for your account to be on a plan that allows access to the CATS

  1. To start this process, you’ll need your API key from CATS. Select your user's avatar icon in the upper right corner of the top bar > Administration.

  2. In the Site Management category, click API Keys.

  3. Copy the Key from the grid. If you do not already have an API Key generated, click Add API Key in the top right corner.

  4. You’ll also need your subdomain, which can be found under Avatar icon > Administration > General Configuration.

  5. Open a new tab and go to employeereferrals.com. After logging in click Settings, then click Integrations. Use the dropdown to select CATS. Here, enter your CATS API key, subdomain, username and password. Click Save Credentials and then copy the ERC Push Key, this is the code you will enter in CATS.

  6. Go back to your tab that has CATS open. Navigate to Avatar icon > Administration > Integrations.

  7. Click the toggle for EmployeeReferrals.com. Paste the ERC Push Key in the API Key input. Click Save.

Usage Guide

  1. Once the integration is enabled you will have a new card on your job orders to share that position with your EmployeeReferrals account.
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