How can I integrate my published positions with my website?

CATS offers three ways to publicly share your positions, each with their own benefits:

  • Direct applicants to your career portal hosted by CATS

    This option is best for quick setup and customization without much knowledge about making many changes to your website. You can point a link from anywhere on your website that will take applicants to your career portal. You can customize the CATS portal by uploading a logo, a banner image, and updating the colors of the portal. You can also add custom filters and sorting options as well from the Jobs Layout card at your portal settings page within CATS. You can learn more about customizing your career portal here.

  • Use the widget to populate your positions anywhere within your site

    This option is great for those who want to include additional content around your listed positions, things like why it's great to work with your company, or an explanation of benefits provided. Each CATS career portal also has its own portal widget. The widget is a piece of code that can be placed anywhere within your website and will populate that space with your published positions as well as sorting and filtering options for those positions. The code to embed the widget can be found in your portal's settings in the Integrations card. If your website was created with a service like Wix, Squarespace, or WordPress there is often an option to add custom HTML snippets within the site editor, otherwise whoever built your website should be able to insert that code for you. The benefit of using the widget is the ability to insert it anywhere on your site, or you can even add a new page on your site for it.
    You can also find more detailed widget instructions here.

  • Build a custom portal using the CATS API

    With a custom built portal, you have full decision in the design and gives you 100% control over the entire experience. This option gives you the greatest control over all aspects of the portal, however also requires a developer to build that for you if you are not able to yourself or do not have anyone on your team that is able to.  CATS is not able to build this for you, however we are happy to answer any technical API questions in the API Support Community forum. The API documentation can be found here.

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