Using dashboards

The dashboard is designed to be a customizable at-a-glance view of your account, showing information from different places around your account all in one place. The dashboard is made up of varying widgets that can be arranged to your preference.

Click the  green (+) icon to add a new widget to your dashboard. When adding new widgets, you can browse all available or select a specific category based on the information they pertain to, such as "Candidates" or "Activities & Tasks".

When you add a new widget it will automatically be added in the next available slot, but you can move widgets around the dashboard by clicking near the top of the widget and dragging.

To remove a widget from the dashboard, just hover near the top right corner of the widget and click the red (x) icon.

You can change the title of any widget by clicking the gray pencil icon in the top right corner of the widget. Some widgets even allow you to more specifically customize the information that is shown, such as changing a date range or filtering based on user. For example, you can choose the statuses shown by the Candidate Pipeline Summary widget, as well as other record type Pipeline Summary widgets. 

The following widgets are customizable further than just the title:

  • Pipeline Summary
  • Job Order Status Summary
  • Contact Status Summary
  • Company Status Summary
  • Active Job Orders
  • Submittals, Interviews, and Placements
  • Upcoming Events

You can add additional dashboards and switch between them by clicking on the More dropdown near the top of the page. You can even switch between dashboards created by other users in your account.

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