What do "Hot" and "Inactive" mean?

Hot Records

CATS has a designation for your record types called "Hot." You can apply whatever meaning you'd like to these.

Hot records, whether they be Job Orders, Contacts, Companies, or Candidates, will appear as orange in your listings to set them apart from the others.

You can use the Hot quick filter in each grid to only display Hot records of that type.

Inactive Candidates

A candidate marked as "Inactive" will still function much the same way an active candidate does. They will show up in searches, can be emailed, added to jobs, and have their status changed.

The difference between "inactive" and "active" candidates is how they are displayed. Inactive candidates will have a line through their name in the grid, so it is readily apparent that they are marked as inactive. When viewing a candidate's record, you will see a gray "Inactive" designation following their name at the top of the page.

You can click the Active quick filter in the Candidates grid to easily exclude all candidates listed as inactive from your search.

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