Creating and editing candidate scorecards

Access level required: Site Administrator, Add/Edit/Delete, Add/Edit

Our Scorecard feature allows you to get your entire team involved in the hiring process. Scorecards make it easy to collaborate and rate candidates on customizable categories, like qualifications or skills. This simplifies the hiring process and ensures your team is asking the right questions, making it easier to identify top candidates.

Creating Scorecards

  1. To begin, go to a job that has already been created and click Edit Scorecard & Steps in the Review Process section.

  2. Determine the categories you would like to score candidates on for this job by clicking Add Category (example: Personality, Qualifications, General, etc). You also have the option to copy a scorecard from a previous job.

  3. Once you create a category, add skills within the category by clicking Add Skill. There is no limit to the number skills that you can add in each category.

  4. After you have entered all of the categories and skills, scroll down to the Review Steps section. This is where you can add team members to review candidates at any step in your workflow. To add a review step, click on the green plus sign next to the status.

  5. This will open a window with the details for the review step. Begin by naming this step and adding team members that you would like review the candidate at this particular step. Once you start typing a name it will auto fill for you; if a team member does not exist in the system yet, click Add New.

    Next, select the type of the review – select Scorecard if you want reviewers to rate candidates on the categories/skills OR select Approval Only if you want reviewers to simply approve or decline candidates. Then select if you want to require approval from only one reviewer or require approval from all reviewers.

  6. Next, choose the Approval Status, which is the status a candidate will be moved to if approved. Then, choose the Declined Status, which is the status a candidate will be moved to if they are declined. This step is not required, but it is useful in the automation of the workflow.

  7. Lastly, you have the option to highlight key questions you would like reviewers to focus on during this step. You can select an entire category by clicking on the checkbox next to the category name or select individual skills by clicking on the desired checkboxes in each category. When you have completed the form, click Add Review Step.

  8. Continue adding as many review steps as you want to your review process.

    After completing your scorecard, you can now use it to review candidates. There are two ways to do this:
    • If the Candidate is set to a Workflow status that contains a review step (Step 4 above) you will see the option to Review & Leave Feedback on the Candidate profile. (Skip to Step 11 if this is the case)
    • Otherwise, you can click Schedule Event in the scorecard section of a candidate profile to manually set when a candidate is to be reviewed.
  9. You will be prompted to fill out a form to schedule the event. Fill out the fields and click Add Event.

  10. An email will be sent out to the reviewers connected to the review step. Within the email, click the link when you would like to review the candidate.

  11. Candidates are rated on a star system, from “Strong No” to “Strong Yes.” Click on the star value that you would like to assign to the candidate for each skill.

    Note: If you would like to add a note next to a skill explaining your rating, simply click on the blue Note button next to the skill.

  12. After the form is completed, you will choose to either Approve or Decline the candidate.

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