Email history

CATS stores emails sent via the Send Email function in the Emails section, which can be accessed from the left navigation bar. The history stores information on things like how many recipients have opened the email, clicked embedded links, not received it due to a bounced address, unsubscribed or marked the email as spam.

The Email History grid allows you to sort through all emails sent from CATS, and get an overview of the statistics surrounding them. You can also use the Actions dropdown to export a record of these emails in the form of a spreadsheet. Clicking on the Subject line of an email will bring you into that particular email's record.

CATS logs a multitude of different statistics in order to give you a better idea of how effective your email campaigns are. These statistics are displayed in a number of ways, both for the email as a whole and for each individual recipient.

They are separated into five major categories:


This tracks the number of recipients that have opened the actual email. Opens are calculated by inserting a tracking pixel into each email that is sent. When a recipient views the email, the pixel loads, and an open is counted. CATS tracks the number of times recipients have opened the email, as well as the percentage of recipients that have opened the email. Note: Email providers with image blocking enabled will not allow the tracking pixel to be viewed, so no open will be counted in this case.


This tracks the number of recipients that have clicked through any links placed in either the body or the signature of the email. CATS tracks the number of times a recipient has clicked on a link, as well as the total number of overall clicks.


This tracks the number of email addresses that have been logged as invalid or bounced by our mail server. Bounced addresses are marked in the system on that recipient's record with an orange "Bounced" flag next to their email address.


Recipients have the ability to opt-out or unsubscribe from future emails from CATS. This inclusion of an unsubscribe link is optional for emails with fewer than 10 recipients, but will be automatically added for mass emails with more than 10. This count tracks the number of recipients that have chosen to unsubscribe from future emails.


This tracks the number of recipients whose spam filter has blocked the message from appearing in their normal inbox. If an email is marked as spam after making it into a recipient's inbox, it will not trigger the count.

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