Can I create internal postings?

Associating a job order with your company

When creating a job order, by default, it will be associated with the company you have identified in CATS as "Internal Postings". You can find and edit this company by using the Quick Search in the top right corner of CATS and searching for "Internal Postings". Of course, if you change the name of the company you'll need to search for it with that name later.

Note: this is only for the Recruiter version of CATS.

Hiding a job order from your portal listings

When you publish a job, you can choose to where your job is sent. Your job will publish to your Career Portal, as well as any third-party job boards you have enabled and set to default.

If you do not wish for your job to appear within your portal listings, but maintain the ability for candidates to apply, uncheck the Display in portal listings box.

With this box unchecked, the only way for a candidate to apply for this job is via a direct link. To get the direct link, click the View on Career Portal link within the Utility Panel on the Job Order profile page. You can then copy/paste the direct link from your broswers address bar.

If you wish to hide a job from your portal listings, one important thing to note is your auto-publish setting in Settings > Administration > General configuration. If you have auto-publish enabled and any job postings services selected as default, any edits you make to any fields in this job order will be auto-published and sent out to all default boards. In most instances, this works well and automatically pushes any changes in your jobs to third-party boards. If you'd like to keep auto-publish enabled, we would recommend reviewing the job before it is created to ensure everything looks correct and then refraining from making any edits after it's been initially published and hidden from your listings.

Posting a job to a separate portal

Another way to designate jobs as internal is to publish them to a separate portal. Uses for separate portals include separate brands, departments, or job types under the same company. By default, your CATS system has one portal. You can add additional portals by going to Portals > Add Portal.

When publishing a job, be sure to check the box for the portal(s) you wish to publish to, and uncheck for the portal(s) you do not.

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