Email integration

After a simple setup, CATS email integration automatically logs your email correspondence with candidates and contacts.


To activate email integration, go to  User Icon > My Profile and find the Email & Calendar Integration card near the top of the page.

If you are not currently using email or calendar sync, click toggle icon in the top right corner of the card and follow the instructions to connect CATS to your email and calendar account. Click Enable next to the Email section begin syncing your emails with CATS.


How does this work?

After setting the integration up, CATS will periodically fetch your emails and compare them against your candidate and contact records in your site, logging your emails as activities for the ones that match. This removes the need to manually archive notes from back and forth email conversations.

Only the content of emails to and from your candidates and contacts is stored permanently. The email integration is fully automated, and no humans will have access to the content of your inbox or your email account information.

Can I exclude certain email addresses from being synced?

Yes! You can navigate to  Administration > Email Integration Blocked List and add any emails addresses that should not be synced to that list by clicking Add Email to Blocked List in the top right corner. Any correspondence with addresses on this list will not be added to the corresponding record in CATS.

How often will CATS check my email?

Your email will sync roughly every 45 minutes or so. This setting is not configurable.

Do you track CC or BCC emails?

Yes. If an email to/from a candidate/contact is in your inbox, this message will be synced.

Which email fields are checked in candidate/contact profiles?

Only the primary email field is checked for a match.

Will this go back and archive all previous emails sent to my candidates/contacts?

Once enabled, we'll only archive messages going forward.

How can I import previous email correspondence?

Go to a candidate or contact profile and click  Import Email from the More (...) menu within the Utility Panel. Then confirm that you want to import previous email correspondence. The progress of the import will be displayed at the top of the record. When the progress bar reaches 100%, the email import is complete. Navigating away from the page while the email import is in progress will not cancel the import.

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